This new avatar of Rama's website represents her recent exploration into the Abstract world of photography and digital paintings. She has started deconstructing some of her photographs, and paintings over in post-production. She loves the results. 

Rama's artistic journey began early, with her childhood pursuits of painting, music, and dance. As an adult, she poured her artistic passion into photography, transforming people and places captured during her global travels into striking images through her artistic vision. 

Rama has the honor of being the First Woman Industrial Photographer of India. She was privileged to be the First Woman Founder Member, Treasurer, and Vice-Chairperson of the Advertising and Industrial Photographers Association of India -South. Rama moved to the USA in 1997. She was the first artist to have a solo photo-Dogotal Art show in India and received National multimedia coverage.

As a Commercial/Industrial photographer, Rama has captured many successful campaigns for companies in India. Her art photography evolved from her prowess in classic commercial photography and her technical expertise in Digital techniques.  Her visits to various art museums around the world and early artistic pursuits definitely helped. Her creative experimentation with a variety of lighting techniques and photographing specific installation themes created by her have led to breathtaking and unique visions of mundane objects.

Rama’s philosophy and artistic processes are expressed clearly through the simple and rhythmic lines in her art. Her photo/digital /handpainted photo-murals have been displayed in a variety of corporate buildings and hotel lobbies in Bengaluru, India

in 2020 Rama created a COVID 19 Feeding America Fundraiser on Facebook and raised $1600. For every donation of $25 or more, she gave away her new e-book Charioteer of Life as a thank you gift. The book is about everyday women around the world charioteering their lives.

Her breath-taking works of Tibet, Thailand, India, Japan, Peru, Bolivia have been showcased in various venues. Her Faces and Place of the world solo show was at the Asian American Resource Center in Austin in 2015.

In 2015, Rama participated in Teneriffe Spain Fotoseptiembre with her Japan At Street Level collection


She has created one of a kind images by experimenting with alternate image processing and transfers techniques on fabric, wood, and metal sheets. A solo show Moments/Alternate Moments showcased her image transfers in San Antonio Texas at St. Mary's University Louis J. Blume Library Gallery during Fotoseptiembre USA 2016

Rama has successfully published a photo documentary Coffee Table book-Austin East of I-35 with images and interviews of the people of East Austin. The book is an expression of the East Austin community’s culture, which has a personality of its own that reflects the history through its residents’ life experiences.

The experimentation of techniques continue on, digital and analog paintings taking equal time with her photography, classical singing, and other artistic pursuits!

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